Hong Kong Breakfast


Hello, it’s Megumi. I went to eat Hong Kong breakfast for the first time on my day off. I’ve been seeing Hong Kong Milk Tea or macaroni soup at so many places but I had never tried.


I ordered cold milk tea, macaroni with ham in pork soup, and rice noodle with spicy beef in pork soup. The total was 85 HKD. They have menu available in Cantonese, English and Japanese.

今回行ったのはSheung WanにあるKatsudoというお店です。香港のミルクティーは茶葉の味がとても濃く美味しかったです!香港のローカルな朝食が体験できました。

This restaurant is called Katsudo located in Sheung Wan. The milk tea was very delicious with strong flavor of tea leaves, very authentic! I had a nice Hong Kong breakfast experience.